Spread the cost of your annual painting and decorating

New! Learn more about our pay monthly installment plans. Ideal for domestic and commercial customers, landlords and property managers.

How do they work?

It's a new way to pay for your painting & decorating service. You can avoid the up-front expense and spread the cost of your painting and decorating with our pay monthly installment plans!

Are there any fees or interest?

We only ask for a one off deposit fee of 10% to be paid upon approval of works by both parties. We do NOT charge any interest or added fees.

I am a landlord with multiple properties - Can I still apply?

Yes this is ideal for property owners, estate agents and porperty managers. It allows you to retain my services and spread the cost over the course of your rental terms.

Does it include commercial property?

Yes. If you have one or multiple commercial properties or retail units then get in touch. The subscription plan is ideal for small pub chains, retail, restauarants, office buildings and commercial units.

How can I pay?

We will formulate a plan that works for you and you can pay with either direct debit or with a recurring monthly debit from your debit or credit card

How can we get started?

That's easy! Use our online chat feature, email or call us on 07756 240372.

Does this include wallpapering?

Absolutely. All interior painting and decorating work is included in the plan agreed.

What happens if I decide to use you more?

That woudl be great. We can review your subscription plan as and when we need to and make any adjustments.

Do you supply a contract?

We do, this is so we can make sure everyone is happy. I will draft a contract and ask you to review it before we proceed with any work or payments.

Can I pay online?

Of course, I will send you a direct debit mandade or credit card form so that your details are entered on a secure page using trusted partners.

New! Spread the cost of your decorating needs with a convenient monthly installment plan.

Get in touch and I will review your requirements so that we can formulate a subscription that works for you.